As part of the evaluation of the protocol, several implementations were developed, to meet two goals; evaluate the feasibility of an implementation platform, and to evaluate the ease of applications development given that the platform was made available.

The first purpose was evaluated by implementing the protocol and the creation of a software library capable of sending, receiving and interpreting DMIP messages as well as managing underlying TCP and UDP connections. This portion was implemented in C# on .NET, and in Java on Android .

A service layer and API were further developed and implemented for .NET.

These sample implementations are in an alpha stage, and are made available here, with no guarantees.


Includes implementation of the DMIP protocol, a client application, a service API and 3 sample services: NumberGuess: multiplayer number guessing, PowerPointController: Controls active powerpoint presentations and Thermostat: simulates a thermostat control interface.

Java Android

The Android implementation includes an implementation of the DMIP protocol and a Client app. That will run on Android 2.3 (GINGERBREAD, SDK v9) devices or newer