About the Project

     “Which Side Are You On” is an immersive museum exhibit game about the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919, created by the Carleton University Information Technology department as a showcase piece for the Canadian Museum of Civilization for the 90th anniversary of the strike. The game is centered around numerous individuals (some fictional, some factual) who represent key figures and groups who were involved in the strike, like Mrs. Helen Armstrong, one of the organizers of the strike, and Mayor Charles F. Gray.

     In order to complete the game, players must explore the town square, the primary location where the strike took place, and interact with each of these individuals, gathering facts along the way. Once they have all of the facts, they must choose what which group to side with, and participate in a related event with them. The purpose of the game is to objectively portray all sides of the Winnipeg General Strike, allowing players to form their own opinions and perspectives on its purpose and impact on labour reform.

  • System Requirements
    • OS - Windows XP and higher
    • other stuff
  • Carleton University
    • Dr. Anthony Whitehead, Associate Director, Carleton School of Information Technology
    • Mr. Fred Sebastian, Professor, Algonquin School of Media and Design
    • Grant Moore, Integration Specialist, Level Designer
    • James Ferris, Animator, Integration Specialist
    • Jason Grammenos, Lead Programmer, Integration Specialist
    • Joe Tuen, Lead Animator
    • Nick Crampton, Animator
    • Kaitlyn Fox, Animator
    • Hannah Johnston, Play Testing

  • Funding Participants
    • Carleton University
    • NUPGE - National Union of Public and General Employees
    • Talent First Initiative
    • MGEU - Manitoba Government and General Employees' Union

  • Photos: Archives of Manitoba
  • Canadian Museum of Civilization
    • Annie Bisaillon, Project Manager
    • Rhonda L Hinther, Currator, Western Canadian History
    • Dominique Savard, Senior INterpretive Planner
    • Dave Deevey, Audio-Visual Productions
    • Pierre Brault, Actor
    • John Doucet, Actor
    • Catherine Colvey, Actor
    • Julian Doucet, Actor
    • Eugénie Gaillard, Actor
    • Tori Hammond, Actor
    • John Koensgen, Actor
    • Annie Lefebvre, Actor
    • Lee-Anne Picard-Poirier, Actor
    • Simon Rainville, Actor
    • Daniel Séguin, Actor