Fundamental Matrix / Tensor Viewer for an image series


FMTViewer <directory> <preamble> <start number> <end number> [file extension]

directory is the path to the series of images

preamble is the image filename preamble

start number is the first number in the series

end number is the last number in the series

file extension is the file type of the original data files (default is jpg)

User Controls:

The user can manipulate the viewer with both the keyboard and the mouse.

Mouse Buttons:

Left Mouse Button: Clears all previous epipolar lines and draws a new one

Middle Mouse Button: Select point for Tensor Transfer

Right Mouse Button: Draws epipolar lines without clearing previous lines

Keyboard Control:




Scale to largest workable size


Scale images by a factor 1-9


Move to the beginning of the sequence


Toggle coordinate viewer (in bottom corner)


Move to the end of the sequence


Toggle full display mode for overlays


Toggle colour grayscale modes


This information


Randomly Colour Points


Stop tracking


Toggle Vector display mode


Clear screen

Scroll Right

Scroll Left


(up arrow)

Next Overlay


(down arrow)

Previous Overlay




The application can be controlled from single keystrokes whose documentation can be displayed by using the "h" key. This application acts as a window to a series of images. The shift buttons are shifting the window, not the images. For example if your images are numbered from 1 to 10, and you are currently looking at I4, I5, I6... Shift-> moves the window to the right so that you are looking at I5,I6,I7. Conversely, <-shift moves the window so your view is now of I3,I4,I5.

The left button can be used to display the fundamental matrix geometry in the images. The middle button is used to perform tensor transfer. Select two points with the middle button, and the matching point in the third image computed using the tensor will flash. Tensor transfer must be reset after a previous invocation, and will work again only after the clear button (or space bar) has been pressed. If you choose two points and click the tensor tracking button then you will get repeated transfer from image to image. If you hit the "t" key, then transfer will stop.

The up and down arrow cycle through the computed quantities for this image triple:

The order is corner points, correlation matches, fundamental matrix matches (for image 1 and 2, and then image 2 and 3 of the sequence). Then potential tensor support, and actual tensor support. Basically up and down arrow changes what is displayed for the current image triple, and left and right arrow move backward and forward in the sequence of triples.


Screen Shot: