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PIL is a C API (Application Programming Interface) that makes use of its own canonical image format, and allows the programmer to load various image formats such as GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, PGM, PPM, DICOM, MPEG .  As well, it offers a variety of simple image processing routines. PIL is meant to be a basic system to allow a simple mechanism for getting image data into a standard form so that image processing can be taught from the ground up.

Because PIL allows students to be able to open image data of a variety of different formats with only a few lines of C code, students can immediately begin implementing image processing algorithms without consideration of the complexities that surround image file formats and byte ordering on different computer processors. As such PIL is an ideal platform to base computer vision and image processing courses on.

The PIL package consists of the following files.

PILimage.h  AND (libpil.a  OR libpil.lib)

The library should be as easy to use as placing the .h files in your own code, using the functions and linking the library file.

PIL User's Guide
  • Canonical Image Format
  • Data Structures
  • List of Functions