About Anthony Whitehead

I am an Associate professor in, and Director of the School of Information Technology at Carleton University. I have a Ph.D in Computer Science at Carleton University. I am also cross-appointed to the School of Computer Science and the current Chair of the Human Computer Interaction Program at Carleton.

My research interests can be described as practical applications of machine learning, pattern matching and computer vision as they relate to interactive applications (including games), computer graphics, vision systems and information management.

I'm seeking MASc and PhD students to do some great research in interactive applications and computer visions systems. I am looking for motivated students who want to take on significantly difficult projects that have a practical application but firmly rooted in theory. Please contact me if you are interested in such opportunities to study at Carleton.

Awards & Recognitions

Rideau Timescapes App

The Rideau Timescapes App is a free downloadable app for Apple iOS devices that allows the visitor to interact with the visual heritage of lockstations along the canal. I oversaw the project which lead to more than 700 historic photographs being available through a map interface.
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Rideau Timescapes App

Researched Work - Movies

My research paper "Rendering Participating Media With Octrees" shows shadows that volumetric media would cast onto scene geometry. This was done with Exocortex as an industry partner under and NSERC Engage grant.
This researched was used to make the Avengers, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Titanic 3D.
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Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)

The work presented at E3 in 2009 was the Sensor Network and Active Play system (SNAP system). This was done through indiecade competition and was selected by a panel of judges to be displayed at E3.
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E3 video